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Science meets business

The 24th of January 2017, over 100 scientists, academics and marktparties came together at the University of Amsterdam to share knowledge. Research in the field of loading of the electrical vehicles was presented and the scientists went with each other, and the market in conversation. NKL brought all the dialogues, interviews and presentations together in a digital magazine. 

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Final announcement: Energy transition in full swing at Vakbeurs Energie and Ecomobiel 2016

On the final day of Netherland’s leading Energy Exhibition ‘Vakbeurs Energie’, the first results of the ‘Nationale Energieverkenning’ (NEV) were announced. This interim-evaluation of the nation’s goals on energy transition caused quite a stir with results indicating that transitions goals in The Netherlands will not be met. None of this negative atmosphere was noticeable at the event. Both Vakbeurs Energie and Ecomobiel could report growing interest among visitors. 

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7th editing of the leading Smart & Electric Mobility tradeshow in the Benelux

You might have already heard that the 7th edition of Ecomobiel will take place in Den Bosch.  For the first time we will co-locate with the tradeshow Energie – celebrating her 11th edition this year. With this combination we will host by far the biggest b2b platform in the Benelux with regards to Energy saving and Energy transition with focus on both mobility, construction and industrial usage.

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