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Smart Charging, lessons learned

  • Datum:
    woensdag 9 oktober 2019
  • Tijd:
    14:30 - 16:00
  • Sprekers/Partners:

    Eric van Kaathoven, Marisca Zweistra en Frank Geert van ElaadNL en Aditya Shekhar van TU Delft

    Marisca Zweistra
    Marisca Zweistra
    Frank Geerts
    Frank Geerts
    Aditya Shekhar
    Aditya Shekhar
    Eric van Kaathoven
    Eric van Kaathoven

    Moderator: Eric van Kaathoven

    Mevrouw dr. ir. Marisca Zweistra, Senior projectmanager smart charging, ElaadNL

    Marisca Zweistra is an experienced programme manager currently working for ElaadNL. ElaadNL is the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of Smart Charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and is an initiative of the Dutch grid operators.

    Marisca owns a PhD in Process Engineering from Wageningen University. For the past 14 years she has been working in the energy sector and developed her specialization in project- and programme management.

    Driven by a desire to explore innovative fields and to help reach the climate goals, she has in recent years established Open Data for the Dutch grid operators, established a platform for geospatial analysis in the potential for durable energy and lobbied for better laws. Currently she is responsible for several smart charging projects, amongst others in the European programmes CityZen, INVADE and Interflex.

    De heer drs Frank Geerts MMC, Program director Smart Charging, ElaadNL

    Frank Geerts is manager Smart Charging at ElaadNL and realizes innovations and solutions to facilitate and accelerate the transition to eMobility. Frank plays an active role in the open standardization of e-mobility at national and international level. He is regular speaker on many international conferences. He has 20 years' experience in the energy sector, in different roles and for several energy companies in the Netherlands.

    He is currently engaged in the development of several Smart Charging solutions taking into account the Grid Perspective. Some examples: in FlexPower Amsterdam testing a new Grid Connection with flexible capacities, Smart Solar Charging based on V2G in Utrecht area, and two European funded projects Interflex and INVADE focussing on local electricity flexibility markets. Before, Frank was project leader within the Mobi Europe project, which among other things has realized a smart charging plaza in the Amsterdam ArenA. At that time he was also IT manager at Allego for 2 years.

    Aditya Shekhar received the M.Sc. (cum laude) degree in Electrical Power Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, in 2015, where he is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in DC Systems. He was a visiting researcher at University of Texas at Austin (USA) in 2016, where he studied partial discharge behaviour of cable insulation under high voltage. He was awarded the IDEA League Scholarship to work on his MSc thesis in ETH, Zurich in the High Voltage Laboratory. He was given an honors degree for his internship work in TNO, The Netherlands in the field of solar roads and wireless energy transfer. He completed his undergraduate bachelor degree in Electrical with distinction in 2010 from National Institute of Technology, Surat, India.

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  • In Nederland wordt op dit moment als onderdeel van een aantal Europese projecten onderzoek gedaan naar Smart Charging. Wat zijn de voorlopige resultaten van deze projecten (INVADE, InterFlex en OSCD) en welke conclusies kunnen we daaruit trekken? Welke varianten van Smart Charging hebben de meeste potentie om straks miljoenen elektrische auto's slim en duurzaam op te laden? Drie experts presenteren de Europese projecten en het Nederlandse onderzoek daarbinnen. Daarna gaan zij met elkaar en met de bezoekers van Ecomobiel in gesprek over de ervaringen en de vraag welke conclusies al getrokken kunnen worden over de beste aanpak van Smart Charging.

    * Welke lessen kunnen we trekken uit drie lopende Europese projecten op het gebied van Smart Charging?
    * Hoe kunnen we straks miljoenen elektrische auto's het beste slim en duurzaam opladen?
    * Welke rol speelt Nederland als koploper in het internationale onderzoek naar Smart Charging?