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7th editing of the leading Smart & Electric Mobility tradeshow in the Benelux

You might have already heard that the 7th edition of Ecomobiel will take place in Den Bosch.  For the first time we will co-locate with the tradeshow Energie – celebrating her 11th edition this year. With this combination we will host by far the biggest b2b platform in the Benelux with regards to Energy saving and Energy transition with focus on both mobility, construction and industrial usage.

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National Fuel Mix Forum during Ecomobiel and Ecologistiek 2014

Just as in previous years Ecomobiel will combine a strong programme line-up with an up-to-the-minute range of exhibits on the trade show floor. One noteworthy part of the programme is the National Fuel Mix Forum, an initiative of the ‘Platform Toekomstige Mobiliteit’ (Platform for Future Mobility), Groengas Mobile, NWBA and DOET. This discussion forum is made possible by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and trade show organiser 54Events.

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Cooperating partners

  • Platform Toekomstigbestendige Mobiliteit
  • Ministerie van Infratructuur en Milieu
  • Groen Gas Nederland
  • Vereniging Doet
  • Handig Communicatie
  • Vakbeurs Energie
  • Smart Grids NL
  • NKL
  • Provincie Brabant

Communication partners

  • Automobiel Management
  • Smart E-Mobility
  • FD